Sangeet Foundation started as a personal journey for the founders  Nupur and Jayanta when their elder daughter was diagnosed with ADD (Adult ADHD), Clinical Anxiety and Dyspraxia. The journey started with denial ("this doesn't happen in our household"), followed by acceptance of the problem ("yes I understand there is a problem. So what now?"), hesitation to reach out ("What will people say"?). This progressed to reaching out for help to the medical fraternity, friends, family seeking out people who had experienced this. What really helped was medication, meditation, counselling but most importantly music (she learned drumming).  Discussions with friends and members of society led to the realisation that there was a dire need for awareness and acceptance of mental health and a forum for those affected to discuss this openly without stigma and learn from the experts and those who have exprienced this. Deeply in love with their music and the arts, the founders started their quest and mission to leverage music and the arts to create awareness and address mental health issues.


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Partner Organisations:

1. Dey IT (deyit.com)

2. Living Mind (livingmind.co.uk)

3. Global Indian Stories (globalindianstories.com)

4. De Montfort University (DMU), Leicester

5. Readipop, Reading

We work with various other charities, special needs schools, universities and organisations that address mental health issues, because being aware saves lives by providing early intervention. We try to create awareness by showcasing upcoming and renowned heroes of music and the arts, conduct workshops by experienced experts and share the outcomes with the wider community.