• * *** BREAKING NEWS: Sangeet Foundation has been granted charity status by Charity Commission and is registered as Sangeet Global Ltd. Charity Reg Number: 1195762 Company Reg No. 12966630 ***

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Sangeet Foundation has been granted charity status by Charity Commission and is registered as Sangeet Global Ltd. Charity Reg Number: 1195762 Company Reg No. 12966630.

Breaking News:Friends, now that Sangeet Foundation is registered as Sangeet Global Limited with Charity Commission, we have registered with Amazon smiles programme. This means if you assign Sangeet Global Limited as your preferred charity, Amazon will pay a small amount into the account at NO EXTRA COST. Below is the link which you can click to register. This allows you indirectly to donate into the account. Thank you!

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Welcome Aboard @Shubhangi Shivpuje Mitra,

Solicitor, Director and CoFounder- @Chess Solicitors 


It is our immense pleasure to announce that Mrs @SHUBHANGI SHIVPUJE MITRA has joined SANGEET FOUNDATION’s advisory board as HONORARY LEGAL ADVISOR.

Shubhangi, who is a qualified lawyer and a solicitor who is licensed to practice both in India and in the U.K. is a CO founder and Director of a law firm CHESS SOLICITORS , based in LONDON U.K. Her areas of practice and expertise are in immigration law, human rights law , family law and corporate commercial law. 

She has  incorporated a non profit organisation and is a founder of , "@MRFAFOUNDATION " based in U.K. with the intention to spread awareness on mental health through her campaign BREAK THE STIGMA STOP SILENCE. Her self experience made her understand the stigma of mental health the society has towards this burning issue and due to lack of awareness the discrimination that’s victims face.  She chose PEOPLE over PROFIT and has been working relentlessly as a MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE. 

It made her take active interest in spearheading campaigns to break the stigma around mental health. 

She has mobilised her campaigns through various national and international collaborations with like minded groups and NGOs spread across the globe, through various fundraising activities , live sessions on all social media platforms, radio shows and various panel discussions in U.K. and abroad. 

Shubhangi apart from being a solicitor and mental health advocate is also working in various other social causes like children welfare especially promoting girl child education, mentor to upcoming women entrepreneurs promoting their financial independence. She is also an international beauty pageant title holder. 


Her active social work has been recognised nationally and internationally and she has received many awards and accolades both in the U.K. and in India. 

It's our pleasure to welcome on board Mrs SHUBHANGI SHIVPUJE MITRA 

@shubhangimitra #mrfafoundation #smitra 


We are delighted to welcome Ipsita Banerjee as our Financial Advisor. Ipsita is passionate about music and mental health, and is a Chartered Accountant.

We are delighted to invite Aqsen Innovations Ltd as our associate organisation. Aqsen Innovations Ltd is a  UK based tech startup, making societal impact by providing drinking water and aquaculture solutions for community and farmers in the most deprived geographies of the world.

Sangeet Foundation believes in “Happiness through Music and the Arts”. Happiness is a state of mind. Peel a layer and it is about mental health. Sangeet Foundation is about raising awareness about mental health and aspires to showcase the power of music and the arts as a mental health therapy.







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